Welcome to Gymsing

Our new and exciting project called Gymsing runs weekly in various venues across the UK.

The Classes normally run for 4 – 6 weeks and sometimes end with a final performance to friends and family.

For those who wish to just give it a go, we offer a free 15 minute trial session so you can get the bug. I’m sure by the end of this short session you will want to be part of the main class.

We then offer two consecutive sessions; The Kick-Start and Advance class. Each session lasts approximately 45 mins and is broken up into 10 – 20 minute segments. It’s lots of fun and you are guaranteed to work up a sweat.

Gymsing classes are open to everyone regardless of vocal ability, singing experience, race, religion, sexuality or agility.

Just bring your voice and we’ll do the rest.

Great Vocal

We use simple vocal techniques with no jargon. You should notice the difference in your sound from the first session. No experience necessary.


Feeling of
Well Being

It has been proven that singing makes you feel good and exercise releases stress. Each class is designed to leave you uplifted, energised and feeling good.



It’s the perfect vocal and physical workout for any age group no matter what fitness level you are. Your vocal techniques and fitness should improve.


Gymsing Kick-Start

Kick-start is for everyone.

We recommend everyone comes along to a trial session first, just to make sure this is for you, especially if it’s your first time. There’s no pressure or stress for you to do more than you physically can, we just want you to enjoy Gymsing and yourself.

Once you’ve experienced the trial session then you will want to join Gymsing Kick-Start. Here you will do low impact movements and learn simple vocal techniques to allow you to boldly sing along to great songs whilst keeping fit.

If Kick-Start is not enough for you, then you need to book yourself onto Gymsing Advance Class too. It is the ultimate Gymsing Experience.

Our sessions aim to accommodate all by using popular songs and providing lyrics.

We aim to make everyone feel safe, irrespective of your physical build, agility and ability. We encourage positive, healthy communication within our classes; promoting respect, unity and non-judgement.


We’d love you to
join us.

Gymsing Advance Class

The Advance class is open to all but will be a lot more intense.

  • You will be taught harmonies, and special song arrangements.
  • There may be an opportunity for selected members to sing lead or duet on certain songs.
  • Vocal techniques will be taught along with vocal dynamics and some choreography.

Contact Gymsing to book a session.

Our session fees are reasonable and all sessions and fees must be paid for in advance.

Book early and come join the fun.