Welcome to Gymsing
Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Voice.
What is Gymsing? Gymsing is an fun way of combining singing great songs with low impact movements that raise the heart rate and create feeling of well being. We have developed a great way to have a singing lesson either at home by joining us online or in a club singing safely together that lifts the spirits and is great for your mental health.
Gymsing classes are open to everyone regardless of vocal ability, agility, singing experience, race, religion or sexuality.   Just bring your voice and we’ll guide you through the fun session.
Feeling of Well Being It has been proven that singing makes you feel good and exercise releases stress. Each class is designed to leave you uplifted and feeling good.
Great Vocal Sound We use simple vocal techniques with no jargon. You should feel the endorphins kicking in right from the start. No experience necessary.
Daily Fitness It’s a brilliant low impact workout for any age group and you get to work on your fitness too. Your voice and fitness should improve.
“Simply amazing class with a great tutor. I had so much fun!”
– Gymsing member
Gymsing Kick-Start
Kick-start is for everyone. There’s no pressure or stress for you to do more than you physically can, we just want you to enjoy Gymsing and yourself. The low impact movements are simple and you will receive a version of the song when you sign up for each class. Lyrics are always provided.
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Our sessions aim to accommodate all by using popular songs and providing lyrics. We aim to make everyone feel safe, irrespective of your physical build, agility and ability. We encourage positive, healthy communication within our classes; promoting respect, unity and non-judgement. ALL ARE WELCOME!
We’d love you to join us.
Gymsing Advance Class
The Advance class is for those that want a challenge. You will be taught harmonies, and special song arrangements. There may be an opportunity for selected members to sing lead or duet on certain songs. Vocal techniques will be taught along with vocal dynamics and some choreography.
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