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Gymsing Franchise Opportunities
We offer mini-franchises to people who want to start their own Gymsing class. We make this as inexpensive as possible, as we want there to be as many Gymsing Classes as possible – they make the world a healthier and happier place!
Packages start at £250 per year plus 15% of sales.
A Gymsing franchise allows you to use our expertise, name and branding. You will get support from us at Gymsing in setting up your class.
Your class members can order from our range of clothing and other merchandise, with amazing Gymsing t-shirts and polo-shirts.
Franchises are available for:

Gymsing Tutor

Musical people who want to encourage everyone to sing and dance because they have a passion for the benefits it brings. Exceptional people (with more time) take on the marketing, communication, admin and finance of the choir themselves, others pay a Choir Manager to do so or get a package offering a greater level of support from Gymsing.

Gymsing Manager

People with organisational skills who wants to start Gymsing classes as a business venture. They will pay a Choir Leader (approved by Gymsing) or run the classes themselves and are likely to need less support from Gymsing Head Office.

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